Donation Packages

See how you can get involved with our vision to enrich children’s lives through education. We will appreciate your support. Here is how you can help:

Php 5,000.00

Can help purchase 70 different storybooks for grades one to three pupils.


Php 10,000.00

Can provide 25 kilos of powdered milk to feed 30 undernourished children for one month.


Php 12,000.00

Can provide 17 gallons of paint for the repainting of public school buildings.


Php 15,000.00

Can support the training of 15 mother volunteers in our nutrition / feeding program.


Php 30,000.00

Can help construct bookshelves for the public school library.


Php 38,000.00

Can provide 40 wooden desks for elementary pupils.


Php 45,000.00

Can support six-month feeding program for 30 undernourished children.


Php 50,000.00

Can support the training program for 40 public school teachers.

Corporate Partnerships

E. Zobel Foundation collaborates with private and public partners all over the world to support its Programs on Education, foster leadership and community development, organize exchanges, and develop educational materials.

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