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Date: July 28, 2016

E. Zobel Foundation participated in a Storytelling Workshop for Adults with Luisito "Kuya Bodjie" Pascua (those who grew up in the ’80s and early ’90s will definitely know “Kuya Bodjie,” the affable character on the children’s TV show, “Batibot.”) Packed in as much as possible in almost a day, he left with loads of inspirational experiences. He keeps on associating storytelling with being there for one’s children and feeling their presence. Kuya Bodjie imparted a lot of storytelling skills and tips to his 30 participants (all coming from different fields and areas such as social worker, dentist, librarians, teachers and College professors, accountant, auditor, businessman, church volunteers, community workers and even students) Since EZF remains steadfast in its campaign to promote the love of reading among schoolchildren, participation in this kind of workshops was just part of various activities like Storytelling Sessions, Reading Workshop for Volunteers (kids and adults) and the Bookmobile which benefited roughly around 2,268 schoolchildren here in Calatagan. We are strongly pursuing this love for reading as it stimulates the mind and very essential to academic learning.