Programs and Special Projects

The E. Zobel Foundation, Inc. continues to uphold quality public education system by focusing on five major program areas:  school infrastructure development, teacher training, student health and nutrition, learning support and other special projects.

  • Infrastructure Development

    Infrastructure Development

    This program intends to enhance existing school facilities by constructing new classrooms, and/or repair of existing facilities, creation of a potable water system, landscaping of school grounds and other infrastructures

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  • Learning Support

    Learning Support

    This program aims to provide better access to quality and relevant education through the creative use of available learning packages, alternative learning approaches, like Botanical Tour, visit to the museums, support for enhancing inherent talents of the students, especially in music and arts.

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  • Teacher Training

    Teacher Training

    Upgrading and developing the mentoring skills of teachers in the areas if English, Science and Mathematics and providing them, as well, with scholarship opportunities for higher education to make them more competitive in their chosen field of expertise.

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  • Health And Nutrition

    Health And Nutrition

    This program involves activities which aim to improve the health and nutrition status of the schoolchildren in program areas, leading to a decrease in drop out rate, and improved school performance. It also aims to equip the parents of the schoolchildren with additional knowledge and skills towards proper nutrition, effective parenting and childcare.

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  • Special Projects

    Special Projects

    This pertains to projects and activities to address the educational needs of the direct dependents of the employees of the Zobel family and the welfare of its retired employees. In addition, there are projects like Fun Day participated in by school children which is held in celebration of the founding chairman’s death anniversary.

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