Programs and Special Projects

The E. Zobel Foundation, Inc. continues to uphold quality public education system by focusing on five major program areas:  school infrastructure development, teacher training, student health and nutrition, learning support and other special projects.



    This program intends to enhance existing school facilities by constructing new classrooms, and/or repair of existing facilities, creation of a potable water system, landscaping of school grounds and other infrastructures

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    Culture and Arts activities generate greater awareness and appreciation on the local history and culture. The lecture series educated the public on the archeological aspects and its relevance to the present time. The introduction of the spoken word poetry as a meaningful means awakened the consciousness of the people of its history and culture. Various forms of arts like ballet dancing, capoeira painting, singing and crafts making for schoolchildren were also introduced and well- appreciated.

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    WOMEN EMPOWERMENT THROUGH LIVELIHOOD interventions of the Foundation sustained its intention of providing economic opportunities to one of the disadvantaged sector of the society. The operation of the SIGLA complementary food production facility, sewing, candle making and others generated take home income which benefitted their respective families. For this year, the SIGLA project was awarded as one of the Outstanding Technology Adopter in the medium scale enterprise category for showcasing economic viability, rapid return of investment, progressive market reach and efficient management practices.

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    HEALTH AND NUTRITION intervention of the Foundation remains to improve the well-being of the schoolchildren in program areas, leading to a decrease in drop out rate, and improved school performance. The campaign for proper oral health care , healthy diet, proper nutrition, effective parenting and childcare are well received by the community stakeholders.

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    This pertains to projects and activities to address the educational needs of the direct dependents of the employees of the Zobel family and the welfare of its retired employees. Linkages and Networking initiatives of the Foundation are an effective strategy for program collaborations. The Foundation’s membership in various development councils and other public and private organizations provided leverage to access resources and goodwill relationships.

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    Education remains as the forerunner among all the programs of the Foundation, starting with the expansion of the Career Awareness and Readiness (CARE) Program to three (3) additional public high schools in the Municipalities of Taal, Lemery and Tuy. Through the modules for career guidance, junior and senior high school students were provided with informed choices in choosing their career path. The Enrique Zobel Technical Center consistently produced competent skilled workers and now gainfully employed in various industrial companies local and abroad. With the remarkable partnership with the Philippines Assist Life Language Development Center, numbers of graduates are now deployed to Japan. ENZOTech as an assessment center continues to gain recognition from various partner schools for its quality assessment services. Ensuring that Calatagan students are at par with technological advancements, the Foundation introduced a new intervention through the #LetsCodeCalatagan. The after school program offered for the students helped them become more innovative thinkers. Equipping teachers with updated teaching strategies, the Foundation organized teacher trainings. The partnership with the Ayala Museum on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Seminar taught the local teachers through the webinar with ENZOTech as one of the satellite locations. Teacher trainings served the teachers opportunities for professional and career growth. The educational assistance program has aided grantees the opportunity to finish their college education. With this program, professionals produced include engineers, teachers, nutritionist, seamen, IT specialists and others. Sports development continues to mold young athletes on proper values, discipline and respect among individuals.

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