Program: Special Projects


Out of the 66 elementary scholars which we assisted during the School Year 2011-2012, 15 students have graduated in March and are now promoted to first year high school***.

***Beginning this School Year 2012-2013, the K+12 model will be adopted by the Department of Education. This model involves Kindergarten, six years of elementary education, four years of junior high school (Grades 7 to 10) plus another two years of senior high school (Grades 11 to 12). The two years extension will provide the students of in-depth specialization on the occupation/career track they wish to pursue.

Scholars Achievements/
Honors Received Parent Employer

1 Rose Ann Ernesto Torres Hacienda Bigaa
2 Aira Ariel Diño Hacienda Bigaa
3 Alexander Jessie Abara IZ Manila
4 Daniella Joseline Aleroza EZI South Residence
5 Vince Felicisimo Alvarez EZI South Residence
6 Joanne Marie Jose Dela Cruz EZF - Botanical Garden
7 Mervin Epifanio Flores BIP
8 Reymond Reynaldo Gatdula BIP
9 Trishia Marish w/ honors Avelino Gonzales BIP
10 Zaina Gerardo Gonzales BIP
11 Zairus Gerardo Gonzales BIP
12 Jennelyn Ruel Hernandez BIP
13 Jane Kyra Renato Baon EZI Makati
14 Noel, Jr Noel Salise, Sr. IZ Makati
15 Mary Joy Efren Pedraza Hacienda Bigaa

From the students in the lower years, 6 have impressive school ratings and were therefore hailed as Achievers. They were Nicko Lacorda and Kyra Mae Acbang (both in Gr. 1), Alfon Dave Bondad and Danielle Josh Cerrado (both in St. Paul and grades 3), Jean Luis Philip Padilla (Gr. 4), and Niel Arsen Valdez (Gr. 5).


We have a total of 41 scholars in the secondary level. Out of this number, 6 have
graduated and are now added to our roster of college scholars this coming June.

Scholars Achivements/ Honors Received Parent Employer
1 Vergel Felicisimo Alvarez EZI South Residence
2 Julie Ann Efren Diño Hacienda Bigaa
3 Christien Lilian Ofelia Villanueva IZ Domestics / Calatagan
4 Robin Ronald Garcia MZ South/Balabatican
5 Zaide 6th Honorable Mention Gerardo Gonzales BIP
6 Kenneth Renato Baon EZI – Makati

High school scholars with outstanding academic performances in the lower years are Michelle Alab, First Honor and Mishael Kitma (Tenth Honor). They are both in the sophomore year.


From the 34 scholars in college who enrolled during the second semester, four Manila-based and nine Batangas-based scholars are this year’s graduates. Majority of them come from the Nasugbu Campus of Batangas State University (BSU). We highly commend Joane Paola Baon, daughter of Romeo Baon (deceased) for graduating as Cum Laude (BS Elementary Education) at BSU.

Course Achievements/
Honors Received Parent Employer

1 Rialyn Assoc. In Office Mgmt. Ernesto Torres Hacienda Bigaa
2 Lancelot
BS Information Tech. Josephine Concepcion Hacienda Bigaa
3 Joane Paola
BS Elementary Educ.
Cum Laude Romeo Baon (deceased) Hacienda Bigaa
4 John Paolo Seafarers’ Rating Course Romeo Baon Hacienda Bigaa
5 Erwin BS Agriculture Araceli Consul IZ Domestic
6 Angelo BS Agriculture Margie Urcia IZ Domestic
7 Lorenzo BS Computer Science Joseline Aleroza Bigaa – South
8 Merlyn
BS Business Adm. Numeriano Esguerra DHZ – South
9 Vanessa
BS Information Tech. Felicisimo Alvarez Bigaa – South
10 Joey
BS Tourism Mgmt. Joby Lumayor DHZ Manila (Resigned)
11 Marion Charmagne
BS Nursing Leo Quinto IZ Manila
12 Jethro
Assoc. In Computer Tech. Raul de Leon Enzo Condo.
13 Narelle Angeli
BS Biology Sarah Soriano EZI

To date, since we started the Educational Assistance Program in 2008, a total of 17
scholars have graduated. Previous graduates were Esmeralda Budol (currently employed at JPMorgan), Jessica Olazo (now married and employed at EPSON in Lipa City), Maybel Dimailig (working at PLAYA Calatagan), and John Ralph Mendoza (took up 1 yr. Seafarers’ Rating Course but currently unemployed).