Program: Learning Support

21 young and hopeful artists, 5 volunteer painters, and 2 organizations joined together in making the seven-day 2015 Calatagan Summer Art Workshop a triumph in itself. Held from May 12-21, 2015 at the E. Zobel Foundation Garden, the 22 artists, a mix of high school students, a college freshman, out-of-school youth, teachers, were trained under the tutelage of Pintor Kulapol, a Tuy organization of family artists, and E. Zobel Foundation as organizer and funding agency, providing support of art materials and free tuition/registration fee. The trainees undergone three days of basic and four days of advance lessons. Under the basic lessons were sketching, shading and color mixing. On the other hand, advance lessons included techniques on water reflections, metal effects, glass transparency, and specialization on painting subjects such as portraiture, landscaping, still life. The artworks of the trainees from day 1 to day 7 were seen to transform from simple to intricate two-dimensional artform showing their honed skills and much confidence. To date, these pieces of art are being exhibited at the Casa Antonio Art Gallery in Tuy, Batangas and will be transferred to the E. Zobel Foundation Compound after.