I Luv To Read Relaunched

Program: Learning Support

Si Isem sa Bayang Bawal Tumawa, a story about a cheerful individual and how he helped transform a gloomy town into a bright and breezy village, portrayed best by volunteer storytellers of Santiago Zobel Elementary School, became the highlight of the re-launching ceremony of the I ♥ 2 READ PROJECT.

The activity was held recently at the Jacobo Zobel Elementary School and attended by Calatagan District School Heads and 50 grade two pupils. Mr. Joselito Rodriguez, the E. Zobel Foundation’s Executive Director, presented the accomplishments since the project was initiated in September 2008, and the activities scheduled for this School Year 2010 – 2011. Likewise, Ms. Dee Zobel, EZF Chairman, reiterated the importance of a reading program to help enhance the district’s performance in the National Achievement Test.

Mr. Mario Caunceran, representing the school heads of Calatagan, acknowledged the significance of the I ♥ 2 READ PROJECT and pronounced his support in this endeavor. He said further that more programs of this magnitude should be made available to support elementary education.