Continuing Commitment

Program: Special Projects

With the aim of bringing a clearer understanding on Tom Layng Scholarship Assitance Program, EZF initiated the holding of the Annual General Assembly of TLSAP scholars. This was held yesterday, May 5, 2016 at E. Zobel Office. The three-hour assembly provided clarification, discussion and a close interaction among the members of the Scholarship Committee, the scholars and their parents. As the assembly ends, Mr. Joselito Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Foundation shared some words of encouragement for the scholars to become more determined to finish his/her education. He also reminded the parents to always ensure support in terms of moral and family support to the schooling of their children by allotting time in home tutorials and making their home conducive for learning. And lastly, both scholars and their parents are encouraged to establish open communications among EZF and the teachers of their child/ren and keep the office aware of their problems, issues and/or concerns related to being a recipient of the program.