Open Your Mind Together

Program: Teacher Training

On this day, the Grade-10 teachers were taught on how to use the features and modules of VSmart installed in all 200 tablets given by Vibal Group. VSmart is designed for any learning module devices and available for all OS platforms.With the assistance of Vibal representatives headed by Ms. Conie Josue, they facilitated session on how to integrate the Learning Management System on their classes. As shared, this VSMart is not only for the teachers but for the School Administrators and for students as well. It consists of several modules, like for students; they can make use of around 4 modules for their learning wherein using the tablet, they have textbooks, can check their grades, and some other features like social and school streaming. While on the other hand, VSmart can also help the teachers through test guru modules, lesson plan and Curriculum designing, and school planner. Lastly, the admin account has the capacity to add and even create student account and class section.