Samahan ng mga Inang Gabay at Lakas ng Aktibong Komunidad (SIGLA)

Program: Special Projects

EZF established a community-based livelihood project and worked with financially-challenged, and empowered women in Barangay Real, Calatagan who now produced complementary and snack foods for the malnourished children, particularly in Calatagan and its neighboring communities. As it promotes and supports various community and school programs envisioned to improve the quality of public education including the enhancement of nutritional status of the schoolchildren. The producers and members of Samahan ng mga Inang Gabay at Lakas ng Aktibong Komunidad (SIGLA) conducted their monthly meeting to deal with the present concerns and/or issues of their group, the status of their production, reports on sales and to talk about the most critical social problem that really calls to be addressed – Poverty. They were able to have an understanding towards the fact that Calatagan is one of the municipalities with an alarming poverty incidence rate. (NEDA) It is interesting to note that at this point of time, EZF and the community are both sharing common vision, not only of minimizing the prevalence of malnutrition among children as the effect of poverty but also agree to work together in establishing an animated community/school-based livelihood project.