Oral Health Care Project (Year 5)

Program: Health And Nutrition

The Oral Health Care Project, now on its last phase, continues to impart the good oral health practices to 65 fifth graders of the pilot school, Jose Caisip Elem. School. It is a five-year project with UP Pahinungod volunteer dentists and nurses educating the beneficiaries with proper dental habit by daily in-school tooth brushing, tooth extraction and filling, and health education sessions (with parents as well). It is a remarkable and transforming initiative as the children have eventually looked at the image of a dentist as a friend rather than a frightful being. Thus, the dental conditions of these students is at par with their counterpart students in other public schools. On its last year, after the beneficiaries mentored their schoolmates from Kinder to Sixth Grades, they have reached out to another school, Paraiso Elementary School, to educate about 200 schoolchildren on the value of daily tooth brushing. The participation of the parents as well as the community was also evident during the installation of toothbrush rack in every classroom, contests on oral health, and the different health education sessions conducted. For 2015, as the project reaches its end, the Foundation will be determined as more schools will be encouraged to participate in the in-school daily tooth brushing so that more will eventually imbibe the oral care habit. COMPARATIVE DATA OF SCHOOLS ON DENTAL HEALTH SCHOOL WITH CARIES SY 2013-2014 WITH CARIES SY 2014-2015 Tanagan 60% 61% Encarnacion 56% 73% Enrique Zobel 47% 42% Bucal 58% 54% Pedro Palacio 27% 88% Jose Caisip 1% 8% Note: Respondents in SY 2012-13 are the same in SY 2013-14. With ongoing intervention by EZF and UP Pahinungod Reason for increase of caries : Due to transferees (students) who were not part of the original beneficiaries.