Feed the Children. Teach the Parents

Program: Health And Nutrition

Educate the parents. The Program did not only benefit the kids but also the whole family. It has brought a ray of hope in every family recipient of the program. Some of the parents have turned optimistic after attending the series of parents’ classes. EZF conducted simultaneously covering topics on (a) Affective Parenting (b) Health and Nutrition and (c) Child Rights. Barangay Tanagan and Sta. Ana, both homes of 60 malnourished children who have benefited from the Nutritrion Program. Numbers of families experience insufficiency of nutritional food and medical and health care services. As a result, high percentage of children suffers from malnutrition. As a response, Feeding of Young Children Program in partnership with the Rotary Club of Makati was sealed to deal with the alarming situation of malnutrition. Volunteers from the community extended their full support to the program by giving their time, particularly, on food preparation, marketing and assisting children during the feeding session. Malnourished children are fed 5 times a week for 6 months and at the end of each month, children are weighed to determine the improvement in their nutritional status. It is very inspiring to note that many if not most of the children under this program have dramatically improved in their health condition. Moreover, some of them started to be more sociable and friendly with other kids.