Enrique Zobel Foundation - Enriching Lives Through Education.

The Enrique Zobel Foundation, Inc. is a non stock, non- profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in April 1990. Its founder, the late Don Enrique Zobel,  always believed that “through education there is hope for a better life”.  Taking this cue from the businessman-philanthropist, the Foundation continues to uphold quality public education system by focusing on five major program areas:  school infrastructure development, teacher training, student health and nutrition, learning support and other special projects.

The Enrique Zobel Foundation aspires to sustain these programs and services and hopefully leave a mark of the founder’s enduring legacy.


The E. Zobel Foundation commits itself to contribute in the transformation process of the Filipino poor and other disadvantaged sector of society.


  • We are committed to help improve the quality of public education system;
  • We are committed to provide the youth with the opportunity to experience hope that education brings;
  • We are committed to promote the well-being of the people and transform them into healthy, self-sufficient and productive members of society.